The Emergency Wedding Kit

It's one of those awesome perks of having a wedding planner.  You never know what may happen and what you might need in the moment.  Whether it be tapes of all types (fashion, floral, double sided, duct, gaff, etc.), thread in every color, needles, pins, safety pins of all sizes, floral wire, breath mints, gum, toothbrush, ibuprofen, nail clippers, nail file.... the list goes on.  The point is there's no need to go out and buy a bunch of extra items to prepare.  Sometimes it is as simple as scissors....

Photo by Brian Davis Photography

Photo by Brian Davis Photography

Escorting & Table Labels!


Incorporating your interests as a couple can be a fun and engaging way to make your wedding unique.  Instead of using generic table numbering, seating charts, and escort cards, here are a few ideas of how you can make it more interesting....

Photo by Barbara Shoop Photography

Photo by Barbara Shoop Photography




Escort Item: Small wine bottles with Guest Name, Table Name, Wedding, & Date.

TIP: Keep in mind your Escort Card can also be used as your Favor....kill two birds with one stone!

Table Names: Pinot Grigio, Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Chardonnay, Merlot, etc.

TIP: Make sure you are in compliance with the outside alcohol policy of your venue and caterer.






Escort Item: Guest Name, Musical Title (Les Miserables, Pippin', Singin' In The Rain, Chicago, Wicked, etc), Wedding, & Date.

Table Names: On My Own, Corner of the Sky, Good Morning, All That Jazz, Defining Gravity, etc.

(Guests had to find the song from the given Musical Title)



Photo by Mindy Sue  Photography

Photo by Mindy Sue Photography




Escort Item: Antique Key with a tag including, Guest Name, Table Number, Wedding, & Date.

Table Number: Antique Door Knobs mounted on weathered wood pieces, complete with Classic Steel House Number.

Lay it all out!


I can't stress enough how important layouts are.  Here are a handful of major benefits:

- Keeps you, your planner, and your vendors on the same page.

- Maps out not only how the space will look, but how guest traffic will flow.

- Helps to show where power will be needed (think uplighting).

- Indicates important locations such as Restrooms, Entrances/Exits, Prep Areas, Parking, etc.